Terms and Conditions

1) This ticket gives the Buyer the right to attend the tennis matches in the specified place, day and hour.
2) Each unauthorized resale of this ticket or unauthorized usage of signs appearing hereon is forbidden.
3) The Organizer reserves the right to postpone the tennis match for which this ticket is issued due to force majeure (e.g. inclement weather conditions and the like). Thereby the Buyer does not have the right to a refund; however this ticket gives him/her the right to attend the tennis match in a new term. The Buyer neither has the right to a refund in case when, due to WTA Federation decision on tennis matches scheduling, he/she would be prevented from attending all the tennis matches on a particular day.
4) In case of partial or complete cancellation of the Tournament, the Organizer is not obliged to any refund.
5) The Organizer is not liable for any damage caused by death, personal injury or disturbed health. The Organizer is not liable for the Buyer’s personal belongings carried along, which especially, but without restrictions, refers to a loss and/or theft of belongings.
6) The Organizer reserves the right, without any refund, to refuse the Buyer’s admission to the place provided for attendance of tennis matches or remove him/her from that place if his/her conduct is deemed to disturb public order or should he/she in any other way undermine the dignity of the Tournament.
7) The Buyer of this ticket is obliged to comply with the Rules of the Venue for the visitors of tennis matches, which are publicly displayed. The Buyer of this ticket is not allowed to bet from the place where he/she is attending the tennis match.8) Tickets are not refundable