A few years ago, attending a live sport event was limited to fans and athletes, although over the past few years, attendance at sporting events has evolved to become an experience in itself. Currently, it is common to see many attendees who, although they do not have an important previous link with this sport, look for unique experiences and sensations. They want to obtain unforgettable memories.

No doubt there are still many people who simply want to enjoy sporting events, but more and more people are coming moved by attractive sports facilities, an excellent service and in the framework of extra-sports relations. Currently, attendees are increasingly demanding a sector that is undoubtedly rising, the public seeks to enjoy a VIP experience in sports.

VIP hospitality, also known as Premium experience, is focused on two types of clients: Individuals, who are generally interested in the event and they want to enjoy it in the best possible way, taking advantage of the best services while they are watching the match; and companies, who seek to offer their clients differentiating experiences in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in which they can strengthen their relationships.

More and more companies are investing in Premium hospitality packages in the sport area. Customer loyalty is one of the current priorities of companies, because among other known data, around 20% of the customers of a company are those who contribute 80% of the profits and, equally, it costs 10 times more to get a new customer than to keep one who has already made a purchase or acquired a service. The company competes better when it combines functional and emotional benefits in its offer. The more you like the total experience offered, the more likely you are to strengthen the professional relationship. For all this, the companies that provide a VIP Hospitality service must take care of all the details and be surprised, the event should be a unique and a unforgettable experience for the guest.

The Mallorca Open Tennis, takes these factors into account when defining and finalizing the VIP hospitality packages of the event.

How does Mallorca Open create an unparalleled and differentiating experience?

The facilities of the tournament. The quality of the exclusive tracks of natural grass, framed in an unbeatable environment, will not leave any indifferent attendant.

The gastronomy. In 2019 two of the best chefs of the Mediterranean gastronomy will be responsible for offering VIP catering. One more year, it will be Macarena de Castro and Santi Taura, who will delight us with their imagination and talent in the lunch and dinner service of the event in the VIP Zone.

Macarena de Castro:

Maca de Castro offers a tasting menu-based in the heart of the island. Her intuition, creativity and adherence to tradition surround every bite.

Santi Taura:

British ‘GQ’ magazine named it one of Mallorca’s top eight restaurants. Santi Taura cuisine is inspired by Mallorca’s produce and landscape creating innovative dishes.

And of course, the best tennis in the world. The possibility of enjoying the best tennis in the world and the first swords of the world circuit in person and a few meters away from Mallorca.

For more information about the VIP hospitality packages of the Mallorca Open contact us: info@mallorcaopen.org